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Fluorescent Smoke - A Delsin & Fetch fanmix (Listen)

"You think a couple of low life bio-terrorists will ever get thanked for saving people?"
"I think you might’ve saved me,"

Two young conduits fighting battles in Seattle and maybe falling in love. What’s the worse that could possibly happen? Being a bit reckless is part of the job anyways.

|| Teenage Crime - Adrian Lux || Who We Are - Imagine Dragons || Get Hyper - Cash Cash || We Came To Party - Con Bro Chill || Come With me Now - Kongos || No You Girls - Frarnz Ferdinand || Get Lucky - Anna McLuckie || Black & Gold - Sam Sparro || Ribs (Ryan Hemsworth remix) - Lorde || Elemental - Willow Beats || What is Love (Tim Gunter remix) - Jaymes Young ||


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Teen Titans GO!

Aha… Ha… I don’t know if I have a crush or deep admiration for another intern who was working on the set. She’s extremely nice and helped show me around. I’m also shadowing her for the time being -cries quietly-


Sooo, I made more scmplayer skins! This time in white, cuz not everyone has a dark blog lol

You can find the black skins and a tutorial on how to use em here

I hope you like the white ones too! <3

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"Conduits vs. normal.”

Evil Karma Fetch ready to kick some ass.


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